New York was founded by…a Belgian!

Okay, okay, I’ve just learned something incredible here.  I was reading an article this morning about “Belgian fun facts” by Kristian McCann and the third point took all my attention: “New York was founded by a Belgian!” but more precisely, by “Peter Minuit in 1626. Minuit was appointed an explorer for the Dutch West India Company and went to the Americas in search of tradable goods.

Once arriving in the Americas, Minuit was introduced to the local native tribes of the Hudson River area and began interacting with them about the purchasing of the land of Manhattan – today one of New York’s most expensive areas. He purchased the island for the price of 60 guilders – roughly $1,500 in today’s standards.

Unbelievable! I looked it up to know a bit more and found out that Minuit (late 16th century-mid 17th century) was a Belgian from the city of Tournai (in the region of Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium) who moved in the Netherlands and then Germany before taking part in the Dutch colonization of the Americas where he purchased the “island of Manhattan”…

Well, what a surprising discovery!

On that note, I let you with some of the shots I took during my latest trip in New York, last September. 


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