Fountain pen.




I’ve always been aware that being part of a double culture (Belgian and Moroccan)  plays an important role in my artistic self-expression;

Here’s a series of visuals I’m creating, that I decided to name “Confused Letters“, as I penned English and French words using Arabic and Latin letters, creating a deliberate (or not?) confusion as we read Arabic from right to left, but instead I kept the latin order and chose to mix the letters.


I love languages, calligraphy and lettering, and I’ve always been fascinated by the Arabic language I learned at uni, and writing in Arabic has something totally mesmerizing to me: the shapes, the curves, the diacritic points, and above all I really enjoyed the freedom of mixing my main languages, a way of creating a convergence between two different worlds, my worlds, that shaped me.

I wanted to celebrate diversity, plural identity, and above all, the confusion that comes with it, that is part of the process.

Here’s to embracing confusion, in a world that forces us to put ourselves in boxes.

#Confusedletters represents who I am and all the deep questions around identity, humanism, universal values, tolerance, acceptance.

That project is my way to say:It’s okay to feel confused, it’s okay to feel like belonging to nowhere and everywhere at the same time“.

Humanity is the second part of an ongoing series of visuals I’m working on, using aquarel and fountain pens.


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