Women leading the way in Brussels

Women Leading the Way in Brussels, book launch.

Brussels, September 27, 2017.
Vlerick Business School. 5.30PM.

Before registering to this event, I was searching for materials about inspirational “women in Brussels”, and I came across the “Women leading the Way in Brussels” Facebook page: the book launch was about to take place in Brussels in a few days, I couldn’t miss this.

I was pretty excited about it because for some reason we don’t really find that much relevant documentation about female leaders in Europe, and more precisely in Brussels! It was also an opportunity for me to meet amazing women and discover this book (that I bought at the event).

“Women Leading the Way in Brussels”, an initiative launched by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha and Corinna Hörst , is actually the first contribution about European (Brussels) female leaders!

Women Leading the Way in Brussels brings together the stories of women leaders in the capital of Europe. In a series of punchy, frank, and revealing portraits, these inspirational role models, who have “made it” in a variety of sectors, share their experiences, reflect on lessons learnt, and impart advice for the next generation of aspiring women leaders.

Also including:
• Facts & figures about women in decision-making in Europe.
• Advice and “dos and don’ts” for women leaders-to-be.
• How to develop more gender-inclusive organisations.
• Directory of groups which connect and support professional women in Brussels.

RedScope Consulting

Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha is the Founder and Executive Director of RedScope Consulting, and specializes in leadership development and gender diversity. She’s a certified executive coach and university leadership professor.

Corinna Hörst is Deputy Director at the Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund of the US (GMF), and president of Women in International Security (WIIS) Brussels, and of the Brussels Binder.

The book showcases portraits of amazing and inspiring leaders, occupying decision-making positions in the European institutions, organizations and groups. And that’s exactly what we all need: more female role models, and a better representation, visibility of women.

During the Q&A session, a young lady from the audience asked a very interesting question, by doing so raising a determinant point:

We see brilliant white women portrayed but where are the women of color in the leading positions in Europe?

And the truth is that if you’re a woman, it’s difficult to reach leading positions. And if you’re a woman of color, it’s more difficult. And if you are a woman with disabilities, it’s nearly impossible, in 2017, in Brussels, the heart of Europe, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Sigh.

So, in a certain way, “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” is showing us Europe’s reality: it has still a lot to do in terms of inclusion (gender equality, diversity representation,…)

If you want it, you can do it”, “This is about men and women working together”, “Be yourself. Love yourself. Be bold. Be assertive. Speak up”, all motivational words that are still resonating in the head and heart of the young woman I am today.

No doubts that this book is a really good start and it definitely constitutes a source of inspiration for me and for many other women.

I just can’t wait to see a “Part II” of this initiative, because it has to, and it will…

“If you want it, you can do it”

Useful links:


Video: New book profiles top female leaders in Brussels


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