IG inspirations (en) #1


Do you know why I love Instagram? Because it enables me to come across inspiring pages, connect and meet amazing people. Let me share with you 5 projects and personalities on Instagram that I absolutely love and find so inspiring.

1-Büşra Qadir @busraqadir Hamburg, Germany

Aaah I love everything! The personality of Büşra, the spirit and positive vibes of her page, her creativity, her sense of fashion, style and interior design, and above all the way she interacts with people, and her projects! She cofounded @nindyaa, a brand that provides beautiful ethical and organic home textiles. This lady boss is a positive personality that I find so inspirational.

Check out her Insta page and website.

2- Assia @assiadandy Paris, France

If, like me, you LOVE mid-length blazers, Culottes, derbies and to create chic yet casual, and colorful looks, Assia’s page is THE place to be. A page full of joy and love that I had to share with you.

3-BENI @benispace, worldwide

Sharing stories and journeys can change the world, really! Nadir Nahdi created this digital platform called BENI to break the constantly negative image presented of minorities. When I came across this project, watched the series, heard the stories, it melted my heart. I had the real pleasure of meeting him in Brussels a few days ago and he’s such a kind and talented person. Are you ready for a good dose of inspirations?

Check out the Insta page, the website, and the Youtube channel.

4-MINAAZINE @minaazine, New York City, Jeddah, Cairo.

Minaazine is a platform created by the so talented Alaa Balkhy and Nadia Azmy to promote cultural and artistic projects and personalities from the Middle East and North Africa, all gathered around a common passion: aesthetics and art. During each day of the month of Ramadan, a personality is invited to share their day via the Minaazine instastory. A great way to discover interesting cultural projects and profiles from different countries. I will also have the pleasure to take over their instastory on Saturday June 24, which is a way of showing Brussels through the lens of the Belgian-Moroccan girl I am.

Check out the Insta page and website.

5- Carolyn, @theslowtraveler, UK.

@theslowtraveler is the charming, *** pastel ***, book addict universe of a young photographer … that I freakin love so much. The pictures are amazing, I really love the tone and the spirit of her page. She shares her daily life, travels, and if you go to her website, you’ll find some very useful (and free) Instagram tips!

***I loooove pastel tones***

See you soon for more inspos posts!



Published by: Amal

Translator, editor based in Brussels, involved in women and gender issues. I write for peace and to promote interculturalism and diversity. I love to express my creativity through writing, lettering and calligraphy, but also photography and fashion as a means of self expression.

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