Expressing Diversity in Fashion

In a globalized world filled with complexity, open markets and Starbucks (yes, I love coffee), but also with beauty and multiculturalism, I find in modest fashion an extraordinary way of expressing diversity.

Mixing styles

For example with mixing different cultural styles in the way of dressing: I enjoy mixing styles as it is a way of expressing my dual culture which is Moroccan and Belgian.

I really consider myself as a citizen of this globalized and constantly changing world, where it seems that there are no cultural boundaries anymore, at least when it comes to…Fashion: the fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London, Milan,… speak volumes about that great fact actually.

I wish it could be the same at the sociopolitical level… Anyways, back to fashion.


I love incorporating cultural fashion into my own. The Indian culture inspires me  to throw a pashmina over shoulder to create a unique look.

Minimalistic designs also inspire me a lot as I find it so close to the Islamic spirit of simplicity.

Al Anaqa (beauty and aesthetics) is part of Islam’s philosophy. That is why I keep thinking that being passionate about fashion is not incompatible with practicing religion, as some might impose.





There is creativity in each of us, some like to express it, some hide it and others do not even realize they possess it.

Everyone is free of choosing their way of expressing their identity, whatever the philosophy may be.

What I really like about modest fashion is the fact that it gathers men and women from different backgrounds and philosophies around one interest: the aesthetics and modesty.

I am deeply convinced that our world really needs even more points of convergence and synergies, why not through Fashion?


My article is also published in Gaya Magazine (Check out the November issue, p.34-37)

All the pictures were taken by @shaykimane

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