Compassion (en)

Antipathy, distrust, hatred, rejection and confusion appear to have beset humanity.

Peace, Love, Generosity, Empathy, Respect, where are you refuging?

Love is waiting where we left it. Absent from the eyes, the hearts get empty, making some place for condescension and mediocrity.

Why are we so easily judging?

Forgetting about ourselves…For others, feeling even more sorry…?

Is there one and only spectrum through which to see the world, really?

Look closer…
May our hearts, our souls and our eyes be more open to admire what is best in each of us, brothers and sisters in Humanity.



Published by: Amal

Translator, editor based in Brussels, involved in women and gender issues. I write for peace and to promote interculturalism and diversity. I love to express my creativity through writing, lettering and calligraphy, but also photography and fashion as a means of self expression.

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