Muslim women in Europe

Today, more than ever, Muslim women must speak out and talk about a subject that concerns them closely: their image, their choices, and their perspectives, too…

Currently in Europe, there is a talk of prohibiting to Muslim women to dress in a burkini on public beaches. Beyond any difference, I invite you all to reflect on the seriousness of the events. Where is Europe going? Reversing?

As a Muslim woman and as a humanist, I am saddened by these sterile debates about Muslim women. Many politicians are baffled by a scarf and consider it as degrading to women and many of them still think that most of the Muslim women are forced to wear it. But is it not even more disconcerting to dictate to these « poor women » how to be and appear on the public space?Being indignant about something and finally reproduce the same pattern?

Today, being a Muslim woman in Europe is a challenge, an existential question. Am I at the right place? With the best will in the world, am I going to make me accepted as a full citizen with the same rights and duties as my other fellow citizens?

Pain, perplexity and anger animate my being that is hurt in its humanity at a time when so many more serious problems are undermining our society …




Photo credit @maazkhanphotography

Source : Musulmane en Europe

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