Hanging Out in London

That’s what happens when I look at photos from my last trips, on a quiet Fall day… Let’s throwback to London, July 2017. Hanging out in London last summer was reaaaaally cool. I met amazing people, shoutout to @ilhamreads with whom I had a great time: great conversations around a good cup of tea at […]

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Women leading the way in Brussels

Women Leading the Way in Brussels, book launch. Brussels, September 27, 2017. Before registering to this event, I was searching for materials about inspirational « women in Brussels », and I came across the « Women leading the Way in Brussels » Facebook page: the book launch was about to take place in Brussels in a few days, I […]

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La langue arabe et moi.

Maroc, été 2017: J’étais dans une librairie et j’y cherchais d’anciens livres arabes, je suis toujours à la recherche de quelques perles rares quand je voyage au Maroc. Je mets enfin la main sur une compilation des œuvres complètes de Gibran Khalil Gibran et au moment de demander le prix, le commerçant me lance (et il n’est pas le […]

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My story with the Arabic language

Asilah, Morocco, August 2017. I went to a bookshop, looking for old Arabic books, always searching for some rare gems when I’m in Morocco. I grabbed  a compilation of Gibran Khalil Gibran’s complete works and asked for the price. Then the shopkeeper told me (and he’s not the only one here in Morocco, I often […]

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IG inspirations (en) #1

Hiiiii, Do you know why I love Instagram? Because it enables me to come across amazing personalities, connect and meet amazing people. Let me share with you 5 projects and personalities on Instagram that I absolutely love and find so inspiring. 1-Büşra Qadir @busraqadir Hamburg, Germany Aaah I love everything! The personality of Büşra, the […]

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